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In the 60’s the pleasure principle ruled, we tried everything, because everything was new. Fashion, music and philosophy. The movie "Jules et Jim" by Francois Truffaut with Jeanne Moreau and Oskar Werner was playing in the cinema. What an emotional and strong film.
The 60ies were the golden age of a new found freedom, but also a decade heralding the collapse of morals, authority and discipline.
ROSE BECK is definitely not playing it safe this season, with a selection of styles that look set to create a real statement on the streets.

Rose Beck’s 2013/14 Autumn/Winter Collection is a series of colourful and sophisticated bags in boldly contrasting colour combinations. This collection presents itself from two different sides: one is made of bright, polka-dotted pony leather; the other side is vividly coloured calf leather. Every bag is unique and their beauty will make choosing just one very difficult!